The Grapefruit Gallery, Fulham Road


st paulsI am now exhibiting, and selling in The Grapefruit Gallery on the Fulham Road, Parsons Green! A Gallery full of contemporary prints, art and photography! Below are images of some of the works I have illustrated and sold, go down and have a look! You’ll see my latest works in the window!






3 thoughts on “The Grapefruit Gallery, Fulham Road

  1. Just shown all in the textile office – they all loved them!Zowe said’ very Parisian’. Claire said ‘I would have one of those on my wall’. Marlene says if your in in those circles the sky is the limit!! Very proud, Mum xx (Mummy!)

    Sara Page design 07709219133

  2. David Clarke says:

    We just love the artwork– so original and such a distinctive style– we love the colours and everything about them– beautiful– we hope you are successful with them ! How much would your fee be , if we commission you to do one of our street, with our house in it’s setting ? Kath & David

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