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Selection for the Royal Birmingham Society of Arts… Birmingham Today exhibition..

So, I applied and much to my pleasure (so those who know me better may even say, ‘I’m very JOLLY’) was selected amongst a huge number of applicants to be a part of the ‘Birmingham Today’ exhibition at the RBSA, the Royal Birmingham Society of Arts near St. Pauls; so to all those I know from that neck of the woods if you would like to see my work and a great exhibition celebrating the second city go along! It has been on for a few weeks and finishes on the 1st March… take a look…


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‘Salcombe’ private commission

Given my previous work, this is a little calmer shall we say and two tone but I had great fun all the same creating this commission and for a change working with limited colour, on a different type of landscape and the added extra of a great trip to devon!


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‘Mudlark’ and the ‘Dinty Moore’ (Created DEC 2013)

Erin - framed


So I’ve been at it again (I hear you say…) this was for a particularly fabulous client who commissioned me to create her house boat ‘Mudlark’ and their previous boat they had in the 1980s ‘Dinty Moore’ in a montage ‘esk’ narrative that are or were moored on ‘Cheyne Walk’ Chelsea. After numerous cups of tea and giggles/ photos taken and ideas shared I created this for the lovely E.Donovan based in LA, a wedding anniversary present for her partner Chris! Both of whom are extremely successful in their respective creative areas writing/ directing in Hollywood it was such a compliment to be commissioned by such pros, and that they would want a bit of what I’m trying to do (Whatever that may be!) was SUPER! Many thanks!

Erin beginningErin, full paintingErin close up2Erin close up

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Preparing Artworks for auction with Alive and Kicking at the Century Club, Shaftesbury Avenue Monday!

In collaboration with Alive and Kicking there will be a fabulous line up in a comedy night including the famous

OMID DJALILI (starred in Sex and the City 2!)

There will be an auction which will include my work and the opportunity of a private commission  at The Century Club Shaftesbury Avenue have a look what’s being exhibited and on offer!




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