The Show. The Guards, Primrose Hill, Chelsea, Notting Hill Carnival and Covent Garden.

So last week I had a collaborative pop up show with Milly McCallum, and it went really well! I sold work and took private commissions, so I’m pleased as punch. The work is still available to be seen – 265 King’s Road along with other sorts of work too this week, if you are in the area pop in!

I had a lot of fun with this work as I played with folding the paper to create a 3d element, texture and therefore aura of lots of people, as I wanted these pieces to be based around figures, crowds and people. We have ‘Change of the Guards’, The Sunbathers on Primrose Hill’ ‘Notting Hill Carnival’ ‘Jose’s Boys – Stamford Bridge’ and ‘The Jugglers in Covent Garden’. They were then framed in really stylish box frames with conservation glass and so I was really pleased with the quality and finish to my babies! Take a look!

The Guards.

Guards whole3OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGuards Process4Guards Process3

Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill whole 2Primrose hill startPrimrose hill signaturePrimrose Hill close up3Primrose hill close up2Primrose hill close up1

Notting Hill Carnival

NHC Process3NHC Process4NHC Process6NHC Process1

Chelsea, Stamford Bridge

Chelsea whole2Chelsea Process1Chelsea Process3Chelsea Process5Chelsea Process7

Covent Garden – The Jugglers

Covent Garden wholeCovent Garden Process 8Covent Garden close up2

Chelsea and carnival getting readyAll paintings: daisy and livi

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