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Burman Banter…

In keeping with my face a week/day idea, I was in work early this morning in order to get everything done. I did lots of procrastinating… and then this during half an hour… I feel there’s some improvement…

From a photo I took at brunch on Sunday with the rest of the clan (yes OjOj you are not in it, but we all know you are the unloved child… your turn will come!). We covered Wrinkley Avenue and it’s OAPS taking personality changing medication… to Fomo-ing me with their holiday tales… to Klaus the Nordic tourist and his green handbag… it was an interesting brunch. Fun, and I had fun redrawing it. Take a look…


photo (55) Burman banter 1Burman banter 2Burman Banter 3Burman Banter 4Burman Banter 5Burman Banter 6burman Banter finishedburman banter close up1Burman Banter close up2

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Montpellier Gallery, Stratford-upon-avon

Excitingly I am exhibiting some work at the Montpellier Gallery, in Stratford-upon-avon which is the area I am originally from. It was nice to get back there and take photos, work on different imagery – with more antiquated architecture and an area with generally a different feel/energy. Take a look, I have done the River festival and Meer Street!

Montpellier 6Montpellier 1Montpellier 4Montpellier 8 Montpellier 10 Montpellier 11Montpellier 14Montpellier 15Montpellier 16Montpellier 2Montpellier 3Montpellier 13 

A stab in the dark…

I have been approached by a client to do a portrait of somebody important to him, and well let’s face it this is not my forte, nor perhaps something I will be encouraging doing, but a challenge and mixing it up never hurts!

So, I’m on a face day/week challenge in order to improve both my drawing skills and photography (as there is a lot of room for improvement). I have started with myself (my poor friends will soon be my guinea pigs to the camera… and then the paint brush… you have been warned :P).

I gave myself an hour to have a stab at it, and picked a somewhat blurred, loose photo (it’s easier – slightly cheating…I know) the angle is off (so be kind and tilt your head looking at it), I may have also given myself cheek bones that I don’t and will never have… but lets face it… thats a little thing called artistic licence… and I had fun…photo (54)Portrait 1 Portrait 2 Portrait 3 Portrait 6Portrait 8take a look!



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