A stab in the dark…

I have been approached by a client to do a portrait of somebody important to him, and well let’s face it this is not my forte, nor perhaps something I will be encouraging doing, but a challenge and mixing it up never hurts!

So, I’m on a face day/week challenge in order to improve both my drawing skills and photography (as there is a lot of room for improvement). I have started with myself (my poor friends will soon be my guinea pigs to the camera… and then the paint brush… you have been warned :P).

I gave myself an hour to have a stab at it, and picked a somewhat blurred, loose photo (it’s easier – slightly cheating…I know) the angle is off (so be kind and tilt your head looking at it), I may have also given myself cheek bones that I don’t and will never have… but lets face it… thats a little thing called artistic licence… and I had fun…photo (54)Portrait 1 Portrait 2 Portrait 3 Portrait 6Portrait 8take a look!



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