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The Boot, Lapworth

Before christmas I was approached by a client and shall we say ‘a character’ from my childhood/ teenage years (;P) to paint his and his wife’s favourite pub/local for her birthday… quite the clandestine arrangement given as it was a surprise for his wife, when she asked him who he was ‘whatsapping’ all the time… I told him to tell her it was an escort girl … of the creative variety obviously!

Working from some photos and the ever handy whatsapp communication, with free artistic reign I created the following piece below, in my mothers studio, to beat the January blues, before I returned back to London… I think it came out well… and on giving it her today, he could finally explain all the frenetic ‘whatsapping’, not an escort but just a lowly painter! Happy Birthday Jane!

Lucinda šŸ™‚


Kevin final finishedKevin process 1Kevin process 2Kevin process 3Kevin process 4Kevin process 5Kevin close up 2Kevin close up 1Kevin finished:scaleKevin close up 3



So I did this private commission before christmas, not my main line of work, but something that is fun and requires some concentration – catching an animal’s/person’s personality is easier said than done… it was in fact a christmas present to a very cool little man I know! I hope you like it Alfie! šŸ˜‰ here are some photos below for you to see how he came about!

photo 3Othello process 2Othello Process 3Othello process 4Othello process 5Othello process 6Othello finishedOthello finished 2

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Rua Sao Vicente, Mina Gerais, Brazil

In a recent flurry of work/ private commissions (isn’t it always the way…) I was asked to create this home in Minas Gerais, a particularly poignant home for my client as it was where she grew up. I know the client personally, and knew the sentimental importance of the piece, so despite it being a simple building and a smaller piece, it took some time and thought. I thoroughly enjoyed giving the building it’s character, through my usual use of colour if in somewhat random way!

I was also asked to portray her parents in the piece from photos she supplied me with, which again gave it it’s personal touch – and proved trickier than said, given as resemblance is key on such small figures they required less mad dash brush stroke and Ā a steadier hand!

Take a look, I believe the client was very pleased ;)!

Julene 1Julene Process 1Julene process 2Julene process 3Julene Outside closeJulene close upJulene Close up 2Julene Close up 3Julene full finished

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