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From one work to another – Brentford FC

In February, this year I was approached by an old work colleague of mine from when I worked as a Hotel Buyer last year, I was very touched when she approached me given that she hadn’t known me in this working capacity/ necessarily seen much of my work!

She commissioned me to create something as a surprise for her Husband to be precise Brentford FC, having never been there myself I made a trip with my camera to Griffin Park, to get some photos to work from. I promised her I would make it pretty and not too ‘football’, as it was going to be hung on her walls for her to see too! For a football stadium/ team I knew very little about, I think it came out pretty well! So pleased he liked it Mich! X

Mich 5Mich 3Mich 6Mich 19Mich 18Mich 17Mich 16Mich 15Mich 12Mich 10Mich 9


Illy and Jinx – Wedding Insert, Illustrative Painting

In January, I was approached by these clients to create an illustrative montage, to tell the story of their lives together so far, and of the schedule of their wedding day, there were many components/ ideas/ and a few drinks drunk too, as we came to this composition/ final idea!

The top tells the story of the day, and each place illustrated sit along the river where they would on a map of London, the bottom section shows where they met, where they got engaged, where they did Erasmus or where they were from. The final greenery all over was in keeping with their florist who does amazing things, I can’t wait to have a peak at it on the day!

I thoroughly enjoyed creating this piece as it was so personal, and am thoroughly pleased how it turned out as an image for the invite/ insert! It is definitely something I would love to do again!

Have a great day Illy and Jinx, and all the best for your future together!

Illy + Jinx finished jpeg

invitation illy and jinx IMG_3361

IMG_2797 IMG_2796 IMG_2803
IMG_2938 IMG_2939 IMG_2981IMG_2985 IMG_2987 IMG_2989 IMG_2988
IMG_2924 IMG_2929

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