From one work to another – Brentford FC

In February, this year I was approached by an old work colleague of mine from when I worked as a Hotel Buyer last year, I was very touched when she approached me given that she hadn’t known me in this working capacity/ necessarily seen much of my work!

She commissioned me to create something as a surprise for her Husband to be precise Brentford FC, having never been there myself I made a trip with my camera to Griffin Park, to get some photos to work from. I promised her I would make it pretty and not too ‘football’, as it was going to be hung on her walls for her to see too! For a football stadium/ team I knew very little about, I think it came out pretty well! So pleased he liked it Mich! X

Mich 5Mich 3Mich 6Mich 19Mich 18Mich 17Mich 16Mich 15Mich 12Mich 10Mich 9


2 thoughts on “From one work to another – Brentford FC

  1. Darzie says:

    Do you have prints available to buy of your Brentford stadium ? If so, could you please send details. Many thanks

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