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ALIVE and KICKING. Football/Tottenham/ Brad Friedl… Fun!

Always interested in a new challenge, having worked with Alive and Kicking before, they approached me and said ‘Lucinda, fancy painting on a football?’ I figured I’d play ball…

Alive & Kicking is an African social enterprise that manufactures sports balls; helping children exercise their right to play, creating ethical employment for African communities, and improving the health and quality of life of disadvantaged young people. Brad Friedl, of Tottenham Spur very kindly gave up some time for Alive and Kicking too, so with my expert painter and decorator skills I went along to help and painted his hands for hand prints, see pictures below! This Ball and the one that I have painted – with Chelsea supporters, you know to mix it up…  will be in the ICAP charity auction, so let’s hope it makes some Dollar!

Football 18Football 8Football 4Football process 4 Football process 8 Football process 9 Football process 12 Football process 14 Football process 16 Football process 18Brad FReidl 1Brad Friedl 3 Brad Friedl 4Brad Friedl 2


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Balmoral Beach, Australia

My latest client asked me to work from a photograph of a beach- Balmoral Beach in Australia to be precise. (Given my holiday blues at the time this was really nice to do!) It was a birthday present for the Granny of my client, who turns 90 very soon I believe. The flags, not part of the photo, but through artistic license were added as he requested, in order to combine the family nationalities. I hope you like it James, but more importantly I hope Granny does!

Have a lovely trip!

James ash finishedJames Ash close upJames ash process 1 James ash process 2 James Ash process 3 James Ash process 4 James Ash process 5 James Ash process 6 James Ash process 7

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The Decorative Fair Autumn 2014

So, I came back from holiday, and decided to paint these two babies… figured I would be fresh to really make them pop?

One is created from a photograph I took of the Latin Quarter in Paris, which I visited when I went on an adventure backpacking alone around europe when I was 18, I rediscovered it on my hard drive and thought it was a lovely composition. Think parisian students, wine, bars oh … and rain!

The other is a view I used to walk past all the time when I lived just of the Fulham road, (as an aside my friend’s family run Chelsea Wild, so if you like/ need/ want flowers then go there).

They are currently being exhibited by the Catherine Miller Gallery (located on Hollywood Road, Chelsea, London) at the Decorative Fair in Battersea Park, London. If you are in the area it is well worth a look as it exhibits not only art but furniture and textiles.

Latin Quarter ParisLQ Process 1LQ Process 2LQ Process 3LQ Process 4Latins quarter 4LQ Process 5Latin Quarter Paris 1

Fulham road 2 FR Process FR Process 2 FR Process 5 FR Process 7 FR Process 10 FR Process 11FR Close 4 FR Close 3

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The Show. The Guards, Primrose Hill, Chelsea, Notting Hill Carnival and Covent Garden.

So last week I had a collaborative pop up show with Milly McCallum, and it went really well! I sold work and took private commissions, so I’m pleased as punch. The work is still available to be seen – 265 King’s Road along with other sorts of work too this week, if you are in the area pop in!

I had a lot of fun with this work as I played with folding the paper to create a 3d element, texture and therefore aura of lots of people, as I wanted these pieces to be based around figures, crowds and people. We have ‘Change of the Guards’, The Sunbathers on Primrose Hill’ ‘Notting Hill Carnival’ ‘Jose’s Boys – Stamford Bridge’ and ‘The Jugglers in Covent Garden’. They were then framed in really stylish box frames with conservation glass and so I was really pleased with the quality and finish to my babies! Take a look!

The Guards.

Guards whole3OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGuards Process4Guards Process3 Continue reading

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‘Mudlark’ and the ‘Dinty Moore’ (Created DEC 2013)

Erin - framed


So I’ve been at it again (I hear you say…) this was for a particularly fabulous client who commissioned me to create her house boat ‘Mudlark’ and their previous boat they had in the 1980s ‘Dinty Moore’ in a montage ‘esk’ narrative that are or were moored on ‘Cheyne Walk’ Chelsea. After numerous cups of tea and giggles/ photos taken and ideas shared I created this for the lovely E.Donovan based in LA, a wedding anniversary present for her partner Chris! Both of whom are extremely successful in their respective creative areas writing/ directing in Hollywood it was such a compliment to be commissioned by such pros, and that they would want a bit of what I’m trying to do (Whatever that may be!) was SUPER! Many thanks!

Erin beginningErin, full paintingErin close up2Erin close up

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