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Ricardo e Cristiana, Óbidos 2017

So, I am most currently residing in Lisbon (GREAT city, super creative too); and was approached by two very special people to me; to do a commission of mutual friends of ours on their wedding day…

I have of recent created quite a few works centred around weddings – I think the personal nature of commissioning something, and my style lends itself to these special days –  and so was thrilled to do something, especially of two people I know too! I believe those who commissioned it and the the special couple themselves, were all thrilled with the outcome. 😉

Based on a photo from their wedding photography, taken in Óbidos, Portugal. May it bring you many years of joy, and may you have many happy years of matrimony! Enjoy Ricardo e Cristiana!

Ricardo e Lopes finishedRicardo e lopes process 1Ricardo e lopes process 2Ricardo e lopes process 3Ricardo e lopes process 4Ricardo e lopes finished close up 1Ricardo e lopes finished close up 2Ricardo e lopes finished close up 3

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Hyde Park Corner and the Hilton Hotel… Private Commission

So I was approached by a lovely couple to create a commission of the Hilton Hotel, Mayfair where they got married. They asked me to capture it from the angle of Hype Park corner, so I went there took lots of photos and built the scene up with a little artistic licence, so that we could have the roundabout, the corner of Hyde Park and the Hilton hotel all in one shot, I even managed (inadvertently) to capture where they nearly had a sticky end on the roundabout! It was great fun capturing what they asked and obviously painting. Many thanks! Have a look at the photos of how I built it up…

P n H 2P n H 3P n H 4P n H 5P n H draw n finalP n H FinalP n H HiltonP n H Hilton close1

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