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So I did this private commission before christmas, not my main line of work, but something that is fun and requires some concentration – catching an animal’s/person’s personality is easier said than done… it was in fact a christmas present to a very cool little man I know! I hope you like it Alfie! 😉 here are some photos below for you to see how he came about!

photo 3Othello process 2Othello Process 3Othello process 4Othello process 5Othello process 6Othello finishedOthello finished 2

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Rua Sao Vicente, Mina Gerais, Brazil

In a recent flurry of work/ private commissions (isn’t it always the way…) I was asked to create this home in Minas Gerais, a particularly poignant home for my client as it was where she grew up. I know the client personally, and knew the sentimental importance of the piece, so despite it being a simple building and a smaller piece, it took some time and thought. I thoroughly enjoyed giving the building it’s character, through my usual use of colour if in somewhat random way!

I was also asked to portray her parents in the piece from photos she supplied me with, which again gave it it’s personal touch – and proved trickier than said, given as resemblance is key on such small figures they required less mad dash brush stroke and  a steadier hand!

Take a look, I believe the client was very pleased ;)!

Julene 1Julene Process 1Julene process 2Julene process 3Julene Outside closeJulene close upJulene Close up 2Julene Close up 3Julene full finished

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The Pere Family Illustration…

My latest project – a little different to others was to build a narrative for a French client of their family’s life in london since they moved here 20 years ago or so, they asked that it be done in a similar style to the first ever private commission I had (many thanks Pascal 😉 which was a little tricky at times as my style has developed, but I think I did it proud… take a look, from the Pere family’s cars, homes, hobbies, family memories we have it all. Working from photographs and information given to me by Sylvie, I pieced together firstly composition sketches to lay it out and then got at it! Take a look! Many thanks to the Pere Family, I hope you enjoy it!

Syvlie drawing 1Syvlie Drawing 2 Syvlie drawing 3 Syvlie drawing 4Sylvie drawing 5Sylive 1 Sylvie 2Sylvie 3 Sylvie 4 Sylvie 5Sylvie 6Syvlie 8Sylvie 10Sylvie 11 Sylvie 12 Sylvie 7Sylvie close up3 Sylvie close up1 Sylvie close up 2Sylvie wrapping Sylvie wrapping2Sylvie Wrapped and finished


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Milan, London, New York and Marina Del Ray CA, USA…

I was very pleased to be approached by my Italian client again this time a special commission for his girlfriend, let’s hope she likes it! It was a montage of many places which was fun to piece fluidly together, also the first client commission in my new space – the light was good and I think I captured it well. Think Milan, New York, London and Marina Del Rey, California… all in one…


Davide Montage 1 D Montage 2 D Montage 4 D Montage 5 D Montage 6 D montage 8 D Montage 10 D Montage 12 D Montage 14 D Montage close up D Montage finished 1

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ALIVE and KICKING. Football/Tottenham/ Brad Friedl… Fun!

Always interested in a new challenge, having worked with Alive and Kicking before, they approached me and said ‘Lucinda, fancy painting on a football?’ I figured I’d play ball…

Alive & Kicking is an African social enterprise that manufactures sports balls; helping children exercise their right to play, creating ethical employment for African communities, and improving the health and quality of life of disadvantaged young people. Brad Friedl, of Tottenham Spur very kindly gave up some time for Alive and Kicking too, so with my expert painter and decorator skills I went along to help and painted his hands for hand prints, see pictures below! This Ball and the one that I have painted – with Chelsea supporters, you know to mix it up…  will be in the ICAP charity auction, so let’s hope it makes some Dollar!

Football 18Football 8Football 4Football process 4 Football process 8 Football process 9 Football process 12 Football process 14 Football process 16 Football process 18Brad FReidl 1Brad Friedl 3 Brad Friedl 4Brad Friedl 2


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Tour de France, Paris… (PRINT AVAILABLE)

So, I’ve been creating away in order to build a body of works to make limited editions out of – for my new online shop, and this Baby was one of them! Think the excitement, buzz and energy of the Tour de france in Paris, Champs Élysées I am also very pleased to say that I sold it to a client – A friend and generally great guy whose just launched this amazing venture… Check it out… So pleased a Lucinda Burman like this came out now what good timing!

IF anyone is interested email me i.e. a print of it, I’m still building the shop but the prints are already available! (SEE BELOW)TDF PAris photo shop 8

Scott finished 2Scott process 1 Scott process 2 Scott Process 3 Scott Process 4 Scott Process 5 Scott Process 6

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Carlowrie Castle

A few weeks ago I embarked on a commission for a corporate client based in Scotland, the castle that I painted ‘Carlowrie Castle’ will hold events for all walks of life so the client asked me to make sure it was a cracker…The painting will hang pride of place above the fire place in the main hall so…I did my best!

I went back to make a mess in my parents house in Warwickshire (convenient) and use the space whilst they were away, in conjunction with sunshine and a glass of wine I had a good 2 days painting in order to create this private commission.

As an add on for clients, I can produce a stop motion video (for those of you who don’t know, basically you attach what can be best described as a remote to the camera and it takes a photo every -in this case- 15 seconds… which are then compiled together to condense down many hours of painting to a 3 minute video). The video usually adds another dimension to the project and in this case a piece of marketing material for the castle. Unfortunately Youtube has cut some of the angles off or out… so the link below is a fair but no quite as good as the original version… but it gives you a feel for the animation!



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The Forth Rail Bridge

So I was really touched when a friend of mine from years ago (I used to pour her pints… good ones I believe) approached me to commission me to do something for her. There have been few occasions when I have worked with friends, usually that comes afterwards, incidentally this way around there’s slightly different pressure!

She asked me to do the Forth Rail Bridge in Scotland, a cantilever railway bridge, I had a lot of fun doing having never painted it before and because of its architectural intricacies, I wanted to get the perspective right but still will the fluidity and freedom I like to work with when building scenes. I think I did a good job… I believe she agreed too… she can now buy me a pint? no? Enjoy it Sarah!

Sarah wholeSarah Whole2Sarah ProcessSarah Process 2Sarah Process 3Sarah Process 4Sarah Close up4Sarah close up3

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