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‘F&F’ Puglia Illustration…

This is a commission or for better words an ‘illustration’ I did quite a while ago…

Something that I have been meaning to write a post about and put up some photos of – especially the process – given as it was more a drawing/illustration piece – a bit different to my usual commissions – of figures or people. The background/ or architecture was to take a back seat…

Having not drawn figures for a while for commission purposes, if more recently only to doodle (badly) in the backstreets of Lisbon, invariably at a table holding a glass of wine, I was a little apprehensive to get it spot on however keeping true to my style… it’s pretty obvious when a piece of artwork bears absolutely no resemblance to the figures it is depicting!

Take a look, and Veronica – I hope/ know they liked it… I look forward to seeing it hung up in real in November and to meeting F&F in person… um beijinho enorme para ti, a minha amiga!!

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ALIVE and KICKING. Football/Tottenham/ Brad Friedl… Fun!

Always interested in a new challenge, having worked with Alive and Kicking before, they approached me and said ‘Lucinda, fancy painting on a football?’ I figured I’d play ball…

Alive & Kicking is an African social enterprise that manufactures sports balls; helping children exercise their right to play, creating ethical employment for African communities, and improving the health and quality of life of disadvantaged young people. Brad Friedl, of Tottenham Spur very kindly gave up some time for Alive and Kicking too, so with my expert painter and decorator skills I went along to help and painted his hands for hand prints, see pictures below! This Ball and the one that I have painted – with Chelsea supporters, you know to mix it up…  will be in the ICAP charity auction, so let’s hope it makes some Dollar!

Football 18Football 8Football 4Football process 4 Football process 8 Football process 9 Football process 12 Football process 14 Football process 16 Football process 18Brad FReidl 1Brad Friedl 3 Brad Friedl 4Brad Friedl 2


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It’s been a while since I posted any of the ‘face a day/ week’ sketches I have been doing… but thought I’d post this of my cousin, as she so very kindly put me up in Manchester/ let me tag along to her birthday celebrations and shared her friends with me at the Gig I went to… Very kind, (can’t say she had much choice in the matter… but hey what are family for if only to get free stuff :P).


Many thanks again… It’t just such a shame you had to duck out so early on in the evening? hmmm peaked a little early did we Hatbat?X

Take a look…

Hattie finished 2Hattie 1Hattie 2Hattie 3Hattie 5Hattie processHattie close up


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La Dolce Piazza

This latest private commission came from A lovely lady (and now friend) who bought 2 of the pieces that I exhibited at the Gallery Upstairs, she approached me to do a third of the building that she owns and of the restaurant that is run by Gamal and Maria. La Dolce Piazza serves delicious italian cuisine, having eaten there numerous times now (thanks Barbara/ Maria/ Gamal). So if you are based in Warwickshire or just in the area you should definitely go there and eat!

I think I have at least made it loo welcoming from the outside!

Dolce 1 Dolce 2Dolce 3Dolce 6Dolce 5Dolce 4

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The Forth Rail Bridge

So I was really touched when a friend of mine from years ago (I used to pour her pints… good ones I believe) approached me to commission me to do something for her. There have been few occasions when I have worked with friends, usually that comes afterwards, incidentally this way around there’s slightly different pressure!

She asked me to do the Forth Rail Bridge in Scotland, a cantilever railway bridge, I had a lot of fun doing having never painted it before and because of its architectural intricacies, I wanted to get the perspective right but still will the fluidity and freedom I like to work with when building scenes. I think I did a good job… I believe she agreed too… she can now buy me a pint? no? Enjoy it Sarah!

Sarah wholeSarah Whole2Sarah ProcessSarah Process 2Sarah Process 3Sarah Process 4Sarah Close up4Sarah close up3

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The Show. The Guards, Primrose Hill, Chelsea, Notting Hill Carnival and Covent Garden.

So last week I had a collaborative pop up show with Milly McCallum, and it went really well! I sold work and took private commissions, so I’m pleased as punch. The work is still available to be seen – 265 King’s Road along with other sorts of work too this week, if you are in the area pop in!

I had a lot of fun with this work as I played with folding the paper to create a 3d element, texture and therefore aura of lots of people, as I wanted these pieces to be based around figures, crowds and people. We have ‘Change of the Guards’, The Sunbathers on Primrose Hill’ ‘Notting Hill Carnival’ ‘Jose’s Boys – Stamford Bridge’ and ‘The Jugglers in Covent Garden’. They were then framed in really stylish box frames with conservation glass and so I was really pleased with the quality and finish to my babies! Take a look!

The Guards.

Guards whole3OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGuards Process4Guards Process3 Continue reading

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Wembley Stadium/ Wembley Way

So I bumped into a client of mine from last year the other day, caught up, discussed future work and realised I’d never actually posted these works on here… so I racked through my portfolio of work and images to find them… a keen football fan he commissioned 3 pieces including the ones below of Wembley stadium by day during an england match and Wembley Way by night, have a butchers!

Wembley england finalWembley England 1Wembley England 2Wembley England 4Wembley Way3Wembley way 1Wembley way 2


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‘Salcombe’ private commission

Given my previous work, this is a little calmer shall we say and two tone but I had great fun all the same creating this commission and for a change working with limited colour, on a different type of landscape and the added extra of a great trip to devon!


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Lords, The Home of Cricket… Commission

So, I was approached by a member of the committee of the MCC to create a private bespoke commission of his favourite parts of Lords cricket ground, obviously the marvellous pavilion, Harris Garden where he has sipped many a glass of champagne and the coronation garden where many a picnic have been enjoyed! I hope you he likes it…


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