‘Culture Vulture’

A series of bags.

Each bag is an illustrated double page spread from a journal I wrote on my travels!

Clip all the bags together and flick through them like a book to read my journal!

Or pick a bag to use whilst travelling around!


'Xampaneria' (reverse)

'Mangiare con guero'

'Mangiare con guero'


'Sagrada' (reverse)

'Supermarket italia'

'City of Love'

'Walking along the Champs Elysees!'

'Walking down the Champs Elysees!'


2 thoughts on “‘Culture Vulture’

  1. Alice Mary Page Burman says:

    Are you putting the dolls up?? Nigella, Maggy Thatcher and ‘Scary spice’ and Alice might like the press!

    ah, RE the other comment, i see you’ve used european dinner installation as your labels! Brilliant!

  2. Ed Clarke says:

    Great work on the Venice kebab shop

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